Thursday, 3 February 2011

Biscorno finished

Finally finished the 15 sided biscorno designed by Victoria Sampler ....  easy enough but a mistake made with this one mainly because there were no proper finishing instructions in  the chart booklet and I ended up putting the bottom squares on upside down  :(   A picture showing which went where would have been appreciated !

This is the underneath bit

This is the top section

The finished article !


Tara said...

That is simply beautiful Val! No one could see the mistake but you. Congrats on the beautiful finish!

Crystal said...

WOW that is beautiful, congrats on a stunning finish

Niina said...

I just love love love it Val!

Gillie said...

Having a little ladylike drool over here in the snow! It is gorgeous, looking forward to seeing it in "person"!!!!

Val said...

Hope you get safely back to UK very sooon Gillie xx

Kate said...

Gorgeous finish Val

DJ said...

It's beautiful Val! You are an amazing stitcher! *hugs*

Julie said...

Brilliant, I just love the colours!
Julie in Australia

lenna said...

That is so lovely you did a beautiful job on it. You should be so proud of your work.
Sorry about those winds, they can be scary. I come from El Paso, Texas and we would have dust storms like that. Your couldn't even see over the hood of the car because the dust was so dense.
Glad I don't have to do that anymore.
God Bless ~