Saturday, 5 February 2011

Gales and rain !!!

What a couple of days we have had here in my part of North East England !!  Gale force winds blowing right through the day and night and qujite frightening .... I know it is nowhere as bad as has hit Australia - but scary all the same ...
I have a small greenhouse on the patio just outside my sitting room window .... made of aluminium and  'false'  glass - polycarbonate I think the panels are made of - sturdy and won't smash like glass..... sitting listening to the winds howling we heard a few crashes and when I got up this morning half the panes had been blown out !  One was missing but had blown over the fence into next door's garden ! The fence is 8 ft high !! Just as well they weren't glass, but at the local garden centre this morning I saw quite a few folk buying panes of glass and the back part of the garden centre ( which is in the open) was in chaos with plants and pots, bushes and trees strewn everywhere ! Today seems calmer but we have had another severe weather warning for later this evening .... my DH has bought extra clips to put around the panes and also some linseed oil putty - that should keep them in ! ....  I am just glad that I didn't have any seedlings started yet ... all I had in the greenhouse apart from the staging was a deck chair and an apple tree waiting to be planted outside ... hope everyone else is safe and sound .... here are a few pics .... also two panes out of the door but picture was blurred !

The window completely gone

Side panel out

Roof panel and window out

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