Thursday, 15 July 2010

Today is grey, dull and wet !! ...... as we head into Summer, the plants in the greenhouse are doing well as are the ones in the garden. I am getting a handfull of raspberries every day !! along with some strawberries ... not much hope for the cherry tree this year and the few apples on the tree are dwindling down every couple of days as strong winds cutting across the garden are blowing the apples off before they are ready for eating !!

On the stitching front - I have stitched another couple of biscornos - lovley designs from Fabby-Reilly : one of poppies and one of cornflowers:

I have also done some work on my latest project which is Scarlet Wizard a design from Dimensions - which was a gift from my sister a couple of years ago ..... should be stitched on black, but my eyesight won't let that happen ! Now being stitched on Polstitches fabric - 'hurricane' ....