Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Anyone got a chart ????

I have been looking for the chart only, for Just Nan's  Queens Bluebird box   .... I don't want the full kit, but apparantly this was the only way it was sold ...I have soooo many silks and threads plus beads etc, I would prefer the chart .... so am hoping someone will have stitched this box and no longer wants the chart and would be willing to sell it to me  .... this is the box, although I do not want the actual bird ...

Monday, 21 May 2012

Another finish and update ...

I recently stitched a birth sampler for my little grand-daughter Jorgie born a few weeks ago .... got it back from the framer, who recognised the design, and hasn't he done a good job - cost £20 which I think is excellent especially as he stretches and laces them !

and this is the latest photo of little Jorgie  (with her mummy) ... who is now 8 weeks old, gurgles and talks away to herself in the cot and smiles when you say  'hello'  ....

Also current update on Chatelaine Designs  'Herbularius' ....

I am loving this design and this is half of parts 1 and 2 ... part 2 not beaded yet ... wish I could stitch for longer each day but still having huge big probs with shoulder injury ..  :(

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

From mothers to daughters ....

In 2001, for my daughter Julie's  birthday, I decided to do a special photo album tracing our female line ... the earliest photo I had was one of my great grand-mother Elizabeth Riches .... who was born in 1837 ...  then I had a photo of her daughter (my grand-mother) Alice .... and so on from the mother to the daughter ... the last photo is of me and Julie at my mother's funeral ....  I bought an album and cross stitched a design on the front and back covers of the album  .....

                                          The stitched front cover

                                                 Inside front covers

 The first photo is of my great grand-mother Elizabeth Rachel Riches

The last photo is of myself and daughter Julie on the day of my mother's funeral in 1997

                                            ............................. and this is the back cover

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Chatelaine progress

Well despite having shoulder and arm problems which have restricted my stitching time, I have still managed some progress on my Chatelaine design  'Herbularius' ...  the fabric is by Polstitches and is a hand dyed mix of greens, yellows and light blues  though they don't show up too well here ... most of the threads used for this are DMC with a few nice silks added

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Autumn Celtic finish

I have finallly finished Celtic Autumn  by Lavender and Lace .... this completes four of them and not sure if I will do the other .... this has taken longer than usual as I have had to keep putting it away because other things cropped up ....