Monday, 28 February 2011

Progress on Celtic Autumn

This is the latest work on Celtic Autumn and I am now ready to roll it on a bit and continue. I love stitching these Celtic ladies - so easy to do - and yes, I have beaded as I go !!  I pad the first few 'roll ons' but after that it is OK and I have never had a bead break in all these years ...
I also have one or two  'smalls'  to stitch, so will do a little of each every time I pick up a needle.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Weekend at last !

It seems to have been a long long week for me ! Did some stitching , had little grandson over for a couple of days, and enjoyed mixed weather ranging from cold, wet and windy to warm and sunny !

Fibro-wise not had a good week and the past couple of days I have been soooooo tired! Had to take a parcel to the post office this morning, only to be met by a long queue! Mostly motorists re-newing their tax discs and local shops cashing up before closing. Only three 'windows' open and the folks at these ones took soooo long I nearly gave up .... after that I had to make a quick dash to Sainsbury's and then home. So trying to relax a bit for now ... I have listed a few stitching goodies on ebay, including charts, booklets and full books - so if anyone is interested then go have a peep at

Monday, 21 February 2011

Another Monday ....

Well folks - another Monday - another start of the week - can hardly believe we are almost out of February !!  How fast this year seems to be going. Fortunately the threat of snow stayed away but we had a damp grey weekend ... I have a nice little apple tree which was a gift from my son, and it urgently needs putting into the ground, so unless it rains heavily this afternoon, I shall have to pick up the shovel and dig a hole ! 
Had family over for Sunday dinner and baked some nice wholewheat bread rolls and some gingerbread biscuits for tea later.
Once family had gone home I had time for some stitching and managed some more work on Celtic Autumn - will do some more beading today and then put up an update picture so watch this space .....

Thursday, 17 February 2011

More Jewellery

My friend had a bit of an accident with an old necklace and gave it to me so I could use the beads .... I decided to make her a new necklace and with the left over beads, then made some ear-rings for her .... she was really surprised and pleased . I am enjoying making jewellery but need lots morre practice !!

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Further work on Celtic Autumn

This is the latest work on Celtic Autumn ....    I wasn't happy with the dark green beads used, so took them out and replaced them with a lighter green and think this works much better with the pale green evenweave I am using - although the colour doesn't really show up here ...

Thursday, 10 February 2011

New start

Decided I had to start on the Celtic Autumn design - that would make four stitched then perhaps another one to go - Celtic winter ...
This is a picture of progress so far :

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Gales and rain !!!

What a couple of days we have had here in my part of North East England !!  Gale force winds blowing right through the day and night and qujite frightening .... I know it is nowhere as bad as has hit Australia - but scary all the same ...
I have a small greenhouse on the patio just outside my sitting room window .... made of aluminium and  'false'  glass - polycarbonate I think the panels are made of - sturdy and won't smash like glass..... sitting listening to the winds howling we heard a few crashes and when I got up this morning half the panes had been blown out !  One was missing but had blown over the fence into next door's garden ! The fence is 8 ft high !! Just as well they weren't glass, but at the local garden centre this morning I saw quite a few folk buying panes of glass and the back part of the garden centre ( which is in the open) was in chaos with plants and pots, bushes and trees strewn everywhere ! Today seems calmer but we have had another severe weather warning for later this evening .... my DH has bought extra clips to put around the panes and also some linseed oil putty - that should keep them in ! ....  I am just glad that I didn't have any seedlings started yet ... all I had in the greenhouse apart from the staging was a deck chair and an apple tree waiting to be planted outside ... hope everyone else is safe and sound .... here are a few pics .... also two panes out of the door but picture was blurred !

The window completely gone

Side panel out

Roof panel and window out

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Biscorno finished

Finally finished the 15 sided biscorno designed by Victoria Sampler ....  easy enough but a mistake made with this one mainly because there were no proper finishing instructions in  the chart booklet and I ended up putting the bottom squares on upside down  :(   A picture showing which went where would have been appreciated !

This is the underneath bit

This is the top section

The finished article !