Saturday, 20 August 2011

Can you see the Green Man in my garden ???

Well ?? can you see im ???    When I sit on my back step I can see him in the top right corner, arms outstretched across the fencing, with flowers in his hair 

Been doing some more jewellery and had a try at some double strand necklace and bracelets ... the necklace is yellow and green agates and the bracelet is amethyst and rose quartz ...

I am open to any orders in most colour gemstones - just ask !

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

A belated update ...

Been a while since I updated this blog - so lets see what has been happening ....
On the gardening front I have had success with the tomatoes this year again but had to chuck the cucumbers out   :(    ...  they were the spikey variety and I was waiting for the spikes to slowly disappear before harvesting them - started to grow really big - some at least 18" long, but going yellow .... asked advice from my brother John who said they were no good now and to chuck them out ... next year I will know better ...
Got quite a few apples on the little tree this year but think some have been attacked by wasps - however they are still delicious  :)
The garden itself is more like a jungle - flowers growing lovely and dense but gave up on the lawn as we were getting fed up with cats using it - the woman two doors down feeds all the strays and of course leave her garden alone and use ours !! They don't seem to like our overgrown lawn so it is staying like this until we find something to scare the cats away .... failing that I am going to phone the health inspector at the local council as now the strays have kittens with them .... far too many roaming the streets here and we have seen up to 12 in her back garden !
Schoolholidays are under way and Joseph is  now into the fourth week and getting bored as they do !
He went fishing on Sunday with his dad and grandad and with their help he managed to catch a lovely plaice !! Of course he is still not big enough to handle a proper rod so they held it with him - but he was so excited and when I cooked it he ate it all up !
Hope to take him to Eden Camp in Yorkshire soon as he loves anything to do with soldiers and armies  :) ...

I am still busy making jewellery of course and now have plenty for either sale or for friends and family birthdays etc ... I buy most of my gemstones from Jewellery Maker (TV shopping channel) and every week they have a random draw - anyone who wants to can send in a picture of their design and all entries get a number, and on Wednesdays they draw two out of the hat - first prize is £100 to spend and runner up gets £50 to spend on gems - I was lucky this week and won the runner up .... so bought some lovely gems at the weekend and they will arrive tomorrow  :)
Jewellery for sale is here:

Also been busy stitching .... my friend has a birthday in September and I have made her some nice jewellery - so also made her a cross stitched jewellery box to put it in ....  this chart is by Loopyloudesigns from Lynda Bodkin .... chart can be found here :

I have also adapted part of Lynda's design to make some smaller jewellery boxes for family and non stitchy friends - here is the first one ;

This little box is only 3" square ....   and all will be used to put some jewellery in

Well that is about it from me for now - hope everyone reading this is well and happy ....