Saturday, 26 February 2011

Weekend at last !

It seems to have been a long long week for me ! Did some stitching , had little grandson over for a couple of days, and enjoyed mixed weather ranging from cold, wet and windy to warm and sunny !

Fibro-wise not had a good week and the past couple of days I have been soooooo tired! Had to take a parcel to the post office this morning, only to be met by a long queue! Mostly motorists re-newing their tax discs and local shops cashing up before closing. Only three 'windows' open and the folks at these ones took soooo long I nearly gave up .... after that I had to make a quick dash to Sainsbury's and then home. So trying to relax a bit for now ... I have listed a few stitching goodies on ebay, including charts, booklets and full books - so if anyone is interested then go have a peep at

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Anonymous said...

Hello Val... blessed be.. hope you are feeling better soon. I'm a stitcher of many years. I would love to purchase the pattern of your posted Ostara-the spring equinox. Please let me know how. my direct Email is