Monday, 31 January 2011

New stitching project

Having finished the lovely winter box - I decided to start on another Victoria Sampler project - the 15 sided biscorno .. first I got a large piece of evenweave and then divided it into 3 lines of 5 squares by pulling out a thread - this divided the fabric up into the 15 squares needed for the biscorno ... I decided against doing the flower in ribbon embroidery and instead used perle number 5 for both the flower and leaves - under that is the flame or bargello stitch ... using gold metallic for first line, perle white 12# for second line, followed by a further two lines using Gloriana threads - lovely hand dyed silks !


Crystal said...

WOW looks beautiful so far

Mouse said...

oh wow and what a good tip to make sure you have enough room for them all :) can't wait to see this one finished and made up :) love mouse xxxx

Val said...

..... and easier to work on a large piece of fabric rather than lots of little bits !