Thursday, 30 December 2010

Despite the fact that someone is trying to accuse me of pinching her design and finishing - I can assure you that is untrue and the fact that she thinks that she managed to come up with lacing sides together is laughable !  There are many many designs out there, including needlebooks, which have been finished this way for years ....  I have one I stitched around 10 years ago - plus I have also found 'your' design on other non English blogs - slightly different perhaps but also came out before yours did ...

I have designs also and I don't care who wants to stitch them, alter them or pass them on

I know said person will read this, or at least one of her friends will report back as I know this is happening - so for goodness sake woman grow up and move on - your actions on Friendly Stitchers lost you friends and no doubt would have lost you many more if the truths had been made public - but we preferred not to let people know ....  but that does not mean that I will not print on here some of the e-mails that came our way

.... and this will be my last word - at least on here -

Val - also known as one of the   'negative ninnies'   

Wednesday, 29 December 2010


As for the  'nod'  in someones direction regarding my stitched gifts to friends ...... I woulds also like to point out that thge 52 week ASAW SAL designed for members of Friendly Stitchers'  was not one persons designs but also mine and as such anyone can use mine just for the asking - actually this design was for members of FS and FS still exists ...


For the record - these needlebooks are NOT Abi Gurden's design.   These are completely different - and if the  'Anonymous' poster had been lucky enough to receive one of these they would see clearly that it is not.

There are many similar designs out there - you only have to go look for them.

I could of course have deleted the post but prefer to leave it on my blog 

This was what was posted about me :

(QUOTE)  I would like to take this opportunity to state for the record that all of my designs are entirely original, from concept to completion. It is a source of great sadness to me that certain people have deliberately set rumours into motion suggesting that a piece I hoped to use to help a deserving charity, "Stitching Together", was a 'poor copy' of a piece by Victoria Sampler. I admire many other designers' works, including VS among others, and whilst I am often inspired by them, I do not copy or plagiarize other designers' work.

I suggest to these people that they look to their own design skills, before they start criticizing mine - especially when one of them feels it is acceptable to use my finishing ideas for her own designs without so much as a nod in my direction!   (UN-QUOTE)

Monday, 20 December 2010

Snow yet again !!

Snowing again - fed up with it - but has given me time for stitching !  I have finished two needleboooks ( my own design) for fellow mods and another half way through !  Will get it to you in the new year Gillie  xx

Friday, 3 December 2010

Snow, snow, snow !!

It has now been snowing heavily here for the past nine days !! Getting fed up with it now - far too dangerous ..... at times we have been unable to get out of the street and once we got out but had to dig to get back in after shopping !!

Can you spot the monster's eyes in one of the videos ?????

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Thursday and no let up with the snow

Can hardly believe the amount of snow which has dropped on us here in my part of the North East and still snowing !!