Thursday, 30 December 2010

Despite the fact that someone is trying to accuse me of pinching her design and finishing - I can assure you that is untrue and the fact that she thinks that she managed to come up with lacing sides together is laughable !  There are many many designs out there, including needlebooks, which have been finished this way for years ....  I have one I stitched around 10 years ago - plus I have also found 'your' design on other non English blogs - slightly different perhaps but also came out before yours did ...

I have designs also and I don't care who wants to stitch them, alter them or pass them on

I know said person will read this, or at least one of her friends will report back as I know this is happening - so for goodness sake woman grow up and move on - your actions on Friendly Stitchers lost you friends and no doubt would have lost you many more if the truths had been made public - but we preferred not to let people know ....  but that does not mean that I will not print on here some of the e-mails that came our way

.... and this will be my last word - at least on here -

Val - also known as one of the   'negative ninnies'   

2 comments: said...

We should have told the full nasty story so that this person would not be able to keep hiding behind the coat of sugar she shows! You Val have not done anything wrong at all, and can hold your head up with pride!! xxx

Val said...

Well folks will eventually find our just what that someone is like .... until then a complete ignore should make her go away