Wednesday, 19 September 2012

An addition to our family ....

No, not another baby, but a little pup ... it is such a long time , almost 6 years now, since we lost our last dog and she was 13 years old ...  we have had dogs all our married lives (46 years and counting !) .. so it is a long time since we had a puppy ....  we had talked about it for some time as I said last time that there would be no more ... neither of us can walk far and it wouldn't be fair ...  however after a while you really miss a dog around the house. We looked for some time and decided we would have another staffie as these are lovely dogs and we had them the last few times ...  not the dangerous dogs some folks would have you believe and very good with children which is good as we have our Joseph who is seven and he will love her ... after looking at two or three, which just weren't right for us, we decided on a seven week old brindle bitch pup ... well not quite 7 weeks ! .... she is a little sweetie and we have named her Lucy with Joseph's help !

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