Monday, 29 November 2010

Harrogate meet-up

Had a great weekend in Harrogate for the members of our group  'Friendly Stitchers' which included staying at a hotel for a couple of nights and also going stash shopping at the Knitting and Stitching Show !! When I left my part of the North East there was already a fall of snow - but when we got to Harrogate it was sunshine and blue skies !!  I had planned to stay on the Friday night but come home after dinner on the Saturday night - weather changed alll that ! Had a great day shopping on Friday and will post a pic of the stash I managed to buy - not nearly as much as me and my sister used to buy years ago !

Went back to hotel and had a chat with all the members then went and had a really excellent dinner in the hotel - I can definately recommend the Grants Hotel in Harrogate -  we also had a beautiful little girl with us - Isla - courtesy of Nancy

The next morning we woke to a covering of snow !  Checked the news on TV and saw that the weather was worsening in my area so phoned my husband and asked him to come early for me - before dinner - so we could be sure of getting home !

I met up with my friend Linda on the Saturday morning - she lives in Skelton but we have been friends since childhood when we lived in Great Yarmouth ....she also had bad weather where she had come from .... some of us decided we had enough and were tired so went back to the hotel around lunchtime and ordered some sandwiches - the weather was getting worse and I phoned my husband to ask him to come and get me as soon as possible - he phoned back and said he was already on his way as the North East had been badly hit ....  he arrived within the hour and I was really glad to leave for home but sorry to have to leave the group early. After a horrendous drive home we finallly managed to get into our estate and home safe and sound ! Still, all in all, a grreat couple of days and I know we will be doing it again next year ! Before I left I gave the members a small gift each- I had been making some counting pins and little embroidered cushions to put them on


stitchesnscraps said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun! And your pins with the little cushions are absolutely beautiful! You are very talented!


Val said...

Thank you Melissa x

Pete's Pixie said...

Heehee didn't we all have fun? And thank you so much for the pincushions and pins - I love mine - in my favourite colour of course lol! Can't wait to do it all again next year, but I will of course see you much sooner than that won't I?? Love n hugs, Ally xxx

Val said...

Oh I hope so Ally x